Meet Brian

Brian Williams was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in Brooklyn was no walk in the park but, He did his best to be positive by staying heavily involved in church and sports. Brooklyn was a tough place but being the grandson of a Pastor and being raised in the church was no easy challenge when trying to separate the streets from doing what’s right. Witnessing different forms of violence was normal but He had a family that kept him away from the street. While playing basketball in High School he received several offers to attend various colleges with athletic scholarships, but he was told by his grandmother that would not be a good idea so he declined going away to school to avoid the troubles most youth go through when leaving home. At first he didn’t understand why he shouldn’t go, but now looking back he was glad he followed her advices. Later attending school in New York City he begin to see that his experiences in life could serve as a guide to inspire others.

In 2011, He started sending quotes to friends in the morning while riding the train to work. He received great feedback from my peers and that inspired him to take writing more seriously. Being offered to be featured on various blog sites he decided to create his own blog site ( He continued to use that mindset of being successful and impressive ambition to work in many other industries such as technology, music and entertainment.

In 2012, He released his first book titled “Day 2 Day: Be Great”. This book is inspirational, and it contains quotes and passage that has inspired and help others throughout the world. His attitude when writing this first book was based on a few real life experiences and how he didn’t want others to make the same mistakes he made as a young man. The book idea came from a good friend that told him that the quotes were truly inspiring and help them through their day, you should write a book and get your message out to the world. He took the advice and beginning write his book and several books to follow. His goal is to help others tap into their full potential.

Brian Williams is a man who epitomizes integrity, energy and, hard work. In addition, Brian Williams is a man who embodies leadership. Brian’s ambition will encourage and inspire the generations to come which, will allow him to create a positive environment for the world. Being an example and motivation to generations to come.