What is a relationship?

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     When getting to know a person you notice the positive and negative aspects of a persons character. These things are usually discovered through conversation and interaction over the course of time. The most important thing is communication, because you will notice things that will ultimately let you know what type of person you are dealing with. Timing is everything prior to getting in a relationship. If you and the other person is not looking for anything serious you should stay friends until you both know what you truly want.

Many people get in relationships because they feel it’s the thing to do. The pressure of finding out what title to label your interaction can make you enter a situation you are not yet ready for. Establishing an understanding is key when figuring out what the next move should be. The status of your relationship with someone is solely between you and the person, not the opinions of others. Remain friends until you can both commit to being in an exclusive relationship with each other.

Many relationships go to levels they shouldn’t while dating as friends and once certain lines are crossed it’s extremely difficult to change the direction of the way things are going. Nothing is more important than creating boundaries, but typically it doesn’t happen that way. Keep things friendly until you can handle more because once things get physical the emotions grow and can potential affect the way you view the situation causing one or both parties to feel that they are in a relationship by default.

Take your time when you are getting to know a person and try to establish certain things before entering a relationship. You can think you are ready for something based on the connection you have with the person, but it’s all about timing and knowing that you can handle a committed relationship. The best relationships come from a strong friendship. You can’t force something that is not developed organically. Remember always take your time and never rush into any situation.

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Brian Biggs Williams

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